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Soft Water System

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RO System

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EDI System

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Swiming Pool Water Treatment System

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Water Treatment Chemical

  Our Product

Hydro Chemical Bangladesh is a full servic Industrial & Chemical Water Treatment Company. We provide our clients the best possible molecular technology and service. We develop treatment programs to reduce energy and maintainance cost and extend the life of our clients capital equipment.

Supply Chemicals:

* Water Treatment Chemical for Chiller, Cooling Tower, Boiler, Heat Exchanger, Generator and all other Industrial Machineries.

* De Scaling Chemicals for Chiller, Heat Exchange, Boile and all other Industrial Machineries.

* Waste Water Treatment Chemical.

* Swiming Pool Water Treatment Chemical.

* All Chemicals for RO, Soft Water System, WTP, ETP & EDI Plant.


Supply of Equipments:

* All kinds of Dosing pumps, Valve, Fitting and accessories etc.

* WTP, ETP, RO, EDI, Softner and mixed bed plants etc.

* Supply of DM, Distilled Water Plant and all kinds of Resin.


Sirvice Provides:

* Implementation of water treatment program of Chiller, Generator, Boiler & optimization of chemical dosing.

* Chemical dosage optimization corresponding to actual operating conditions.

* Evaluate and monitor the performance of Water Treatment on a regular basis.

* Carryout water test analysis report on regular basis.

* Report to the client indicating chemical treatment performance and suggesting further improvements.

* Carryout water test analysis report on regular basis.

* Set the dosing schedule to the clients personnel and monitoring the same as and when it necessary.

* Monitoring of inventory control of Water Treatment Chemical and replenish the same as per requirements.

* Collection of water sample on regular basis and submission of test report to the clients.

* Periodic visits by technical experts.

* Service ad installation of WTP, ETP, RO, EDI, DM, Distilled water and Mixed bed plants etc.

* Periodic inspection during shut down of the equipments.

* Service provides by experts of chiller plants.


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