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Absorption Chiller

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All Kinds of Electric Chiller

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Air Handling & Fan Coil Unit

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Cooling Tower

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All Kinds of Industrial Pump

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Dehumidifier & Heat Recovery Wheel

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Humidification Plant, Dust & Waste Removal Systems

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Heat Exchanger

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Valve Accessories, Metering Devices & Flow Meter

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All Kinds of Air Filter

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All Kinds of Pipe and Fittings

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All Kinds of Air Terminal Devices

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All Kinds of Ventilation/Utility Fan

  About us

Wattson Engineering & Consultants Ltd. was founded by Mr. Engr. Md. Ashraf Uddin, had been a very successful Overseas experienced Engineer for Standard Design and consulting services for composite projects.

He had been involved in a number of composite projects in the country and outside country. He sought to build an organization with many other experienced Architect and Engineer that could focus on providing cost reduction and facilities in design & consulting services primarily related to utilities and environmental systems in Pharmaceuticals, industrial and large commercial facilities.

Wattson has gained a reputation for providing value and service. You will never see our engineers afraid to get dirty. You may be surprised at first to see our engineers in your plant at all times of the day or night. You will be pleased to find prompt service; a high level of communication; and designs that are innovative, complete, and practical.

You will find working with
Wattson a refreshing comfortable, experience. We will only grow as fast as we continue to recruit employees who have an earthy, practical "whatever it takes" attitude. We will continue to be unique and successful. We will never be all things to all people, but we will always give your mechanical systems Focus, Attention, and very Specific Expertise.

Today we serve major Industrial clients as a turnkey composite project throughout the country including plants in Bangladesh.


Wattson is regularly sought out by the world’s largest and most prestigious organizations to help reduce costs and provide expertise to HVAC, Humidification Plant, Fire Fighting and building systems. Our mission is to provide a standard group of specialty high quality, high value-added cost reduction and design services to clients that want to buy quality and value, not price.

Wattson'S Guiding Principles

Time or length of day has no meaning. We are done when our customer’s needs are met.

We are a service business. Service means timeliness, keeping promises, being accessible, responsible and providing quality.

We won't put out drawings or reports that are in any way sloppy, with misspelled words, and/or in any way incorrect. Our firm will always be known for providing a practical, hands-on and thorough approach.

Tools and Equipments

We have modern all design tools and equipments (see attached list) to provide design and engineering support.

We will communicate regularly with our partner clients to let them know of our progress, problems, and how their schedules will be met.

When clients ask for a service we will look far beyond what they ask for and provide them with integrated value they didn't realize they were getting.

We will always pursue the cutting edge of technology, both in our designs and in our working tools. We will know, understand, and apply technology far and away above that of any competitors. Our firm will always excel in formulating and applying ideas and concepts.

We will only work for clients that recognize and want true value and not price.

We will always conduct ourselves in an ethical, professional, and cooperative manner with our clients and associates. Everyone makes mistakes. We will always own up to ours immediately and be responsible.

Continuous Improvement
We will continually improve the quality and value of all our processes and people resources. This means continuous study of our client’s needs and continuous support for personal growth.

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